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How do I change the visibility of a goal? How can I quickly see my M, E and G goals?

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2018 11:30PM UTC

When you set a goal, you choose who can see it, and you can also change the goal's visibility at any time, as many times as you like, by doing the following: Go to the goal page, click the up-arrow in the upper menu to the right of "browse goals" to expose the top black menu. You will see M, E, and G buttons near the center:

M = Only Me visibility 
E = Everyone can see this goal
G = Group(s) can see this goal

To switch a goal to an M goal, click the 'M' in the black menu. (If someone has already engaged with the goal as a funder, partner or other non-tracking capacities, you cannot change the visibility of the goal to “Only Me”, but you can change the visibility of the goal to “Group”, which automatically creates a new group containing only those who have already engaged with the goal.)

To switch a goal to an E goal, click the 'E' in the black menu.

To switch a goal to a G goal, or to add more groupies to a G goal, hover over the G in the black menu and a drop-down menu will appear:
i)  Near the end of the list within the drop-down menu, next to an empty checkbox: type a name for the new group you are creating;
ii)  As you type the group name, another field will appear directly beneath it where you enter the usernames or email addresses of the groupies you wish to have access to this goal.
iii)  Click the 'create' button to create this new group.
iv)  From the list of groups, including the new group you just created, which will appear at the end of the list, select which groups can see this goal and click the 'update' button at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
v)  Groupies will receive a Gomail™ letting them know they can now access this group goal.


On non-goal pages, click the M, E and G buttons to refine content to see only your M, E or G goals, including on:

Your Profile Page: All Goals, My Goals, Joined Goals and Results can be refined by M, E, G by clicking these letters in the black menu.
Your Flow™: You can refine content within your goal activity stream to see only updates on your M, E and G goals by selecting these letters under the Flow tab.
Your Actions:  
Goals you're focusing on:  
Browse Goals:
Fund Goals: https://goaloop.comfund-goals 
Your Goal Pyramid:  (click M, E, G under the pyramid)

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